Welcome Ramón

5. Jul 2021

I’m Ramón and I just joined team Pollux as a systems engineer.

I’ve been working professionally with Linux since about 1996, but my
career took me along a few interesting side tracks since then.

My first job at a regional ISP combined Linux and web development with
Perl and Cold Fusion. Later at the Zürich University of the Arts I was
the resident sysadmin for the New Media department and assisted students with fascinating art projects.

Want an example? One student constructed a typewriter that observed
itself typing on continuous paper and then typed an ASCII art
representation of what it saw, endlessly (or until the paper ran out). A generative art piece powered by a Linux machine, a camera and some
custom C code. This was before the time of OpenCV!

After the department restructured I moved to the university’s main IT
center where I managed some Free Software development projects and got
deeper into programming with Ruby on Rails. This gave me a taste for
agile software development processes and I spent several years as
developer and Scrum Master.

CI/CD came naturally at that point and I got into test-driven
development and DevOps. We then started implementing these by remodeling our infrastructure using configuration management with Ansible.

That brings us to today: I’m excited to join VSHN to dive into
Kubernetes. My goal is to create a smooth and reliable experience for
developers and to automate as much as possible.

When I’m not hacking away on a keyboard I’m probably holding a
controller for some retrogaming or clicking around Bandcamp discovering
new music. You’re also likely to meet me at every Tuska Festival in
Helsinki or at Eindhoven Metal Meeting. Next to that I like to fail
spectacularly at learning new languages, but I still keep doing it.

Markus Speth

Markus is VSHN's CEO and one of the General Managers.

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