Welcome Sören!

11. Jun 2021

Hello there!

My name is Sören and I joined VSHN as a Service Manager.

My career started out as a programmer, but quite quickly turned into an egg-laying jack-of-all-trades, which means that I developed more in the organizational direction.

In my last job i worked as a Technical Lead. Beside handling the daily business, I was also responsible for Disposition and administrative tasks. On top of that, I participated in a few interdepartmental projects (rollouts, evaluation projects, etc.) as Project Coordinator/Manager. Remember… “egg-laying jack-of-all-trades”.

I have always been interested in the grand scale of digitization. This ranges from classic media to innovation and economic influences. So I have turned my hobby into my job, more or less.

When I’m not deep diving in to digital space, I love to spend time in nature, traveling (if by chance there is no pandemic) or with my family and friends.

I am looking forward to the new challenge at VSHN and the contrast to previous professional experiences, coupled with constantly changing technology and its economic impact.

Sören Weygand

Sören Weygand is Service Manager in VSHN.

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