欢迎你 仲明 – Goeden dag, Welkom Tom!

8. Nov 2022

Grüezi, Servus, Goedendag, 你好, Hello!

I am Tom, how nice to meet you.

In my previous role as an IT project manager, I was working in a delivery role for a large multinational global role across various industries.

I joined the Antares team as VSHN’s Corporate IT Project Manager and I will be leading projects to implement existing systems and tools for VSHN’s business processes.

As a Dutch National, I grew up in Singapore and studied and worked in England and Scotland and across the European Union including Austria, Germany, and the Netherlands as well as the USA, Canada, and Australia. For the past 12 years, I have made Switzerland my home.

I love to travel, swim, scuba dive, and cook whenever I get the opportunity. I like exploring new cities, countries remote places and I am a passionate hobby photographer. My favorite destination is Queenstown, South Island New Zealand where you find friendly locals good wine, and amazing natural scenery. I have an interest in Blockchain and the latest technologies.

I’m delighted to join VSHN and be a part of the Antares team as a Corporate IT Project Manager and I am looking forward to good collaboration with everyone on the team.

Tom Meng

Tom Meng is Corporate IT Project Manager.

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