DevOps Report 2020

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DevOps in Switzerland

Download our report about the state of DevOps in Switzerland.

DevOps in Switzerland Study

Are Swiss companies DevOps-ready?

2018 and 2019 we have determined the status of the DevOps adoption. With this study we investigated how you and your company understand DevOps and whether you already work according to DevOps principles. The current state of DevOps was clarified, reasons for and against an introduction of the DevOps philosophy and where DevOps will head in the future.

The results of the two years were compared in order to be able to draw conclusions and identify trends directly.

Find out:

  • is DevOps a silver bullet?
  • do Swiss companies rely on the DevOps philosophy?
  • what impact do tools, processes and culture have on DevOps?
  • what opportunities and risks arise from the use of DevOps?

Download the Report

Download our DevOps in Switzerland 2020 Report to learn what we discovered in the DevOps study.

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