Zero Trust is a journey

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From perimeter security to a holistic security concept

The digital transformation of the world continues to progress, and it is profoundly affecting private life and job profiles in a manner that was hard to imagine just a few years ago. In this paper, we discuss the effects of ongoing digitization and how it affects modern information technology in general and information security in particular.

From perimeter security to Zero Trust

Paradigm shifts have occurred in information security. First, a “castle and moat” paradigm deemed it sufficient to secure the perimeter of the internal network and to accept everything and everyone on the internal network as “trusted”. Today, best practice in security recommends adopting an architecture where access to a resource is validated by the services providing the resources or the components closely attached to these services. The question is, which security tools are best suited to facilitate the migration towards a Zero Trust Architecture?

Find out more in our whitepaper, which we created in cooperation with our partner Airlock.

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