Why Open Source?

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We consider open source as the best way to create and develop software because having a strong and committed community can make a project a long-term success, and everyone involved benefits.

Advantages for customers

  • No high licensing fees: benefit from future developments and software maintenance for free.
  • Easily switch providers: thanks to open source, a customer can switch from VSHN to another provider at any time, if he wants to. We do not enforce lock-ins – we want to convince you through our quality work.
  • Exchange know-how and experience: VSHN is known to collaborate beyond organizational boundaries and share knowledge following DevOps principles.
  • Customizability: open source is known to have a much wider selection of extensions and plugins than commercial software.
  • Reduced development effort: the ability to reuse parts of an open-source code greatly reduces the development effort required for custom developments.
  • Security: vulnerabilities and bugs are usually found much faster in open source software than in commercial software.

Advantages for employees

  • Exciting & innovative technology: join the spearhead of global development and solve challenging problems.
  • Public portfolio: showcase your achievements and developments e.g. on GitHub and share your know-how.
  • Work with the best DevOps team in Switzerland: collaboration, learning, and personal development are actively promoted by VSHN.
  • Time & money: you get time for community management and to take care of your open source development.

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