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Why should you work with VSHN?

VSHN solves the problems that occur when transforming software into an online service. We call this process DevOps, the combination of software development (Dev) and operations engineering (Ops).

In the past, servers were maintained individually and manually. Our specialty is the automation of this process to unburden the developers and make operations more stable and reproducible.

Regardless if you’re a software development agency, product owner, CTO, or CEO and whether you operate a large website, SaaS offering, e-commerce, or customer portal project – the benefits of working with VSHN are:

Get back time

Our automation accelerates development, deployment, and operations processes:

  • Shorter time to market due to proven technologies like Git and Docker
  • Self-service instead of having to wait on a service provider
  • More time to develop software instead of managing servers
  • We bring agility to IT-infrastructure

Reduce cost

DevOps is the industrial revolution in the software industry:

  • Our automation technology makes operations more reliable and more competitive
  • We are cloud-natives, our solutions are scalable, robust, and self-healing and thus more economical
  • Unification of software environments and standardization of processes make them more efficient and affordable

Increase Security

Our processes are ISO 27001 certified and we operate according to the Swiss banking standards. Automation ensures security by design from the very start for every application

  • Traceability and auditability, are achieved by logging all actions on the management interface, API, and the application itself.
  • Supporting IT Governance through central authentication, authorization, RBAC, and separation of the different customer-, application- and test environments.
  • Transparency of processes, and the confidentiality of data.

Would you like to make your software development more efficient and not have to worry about 24/7 operations? Then contact us!

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