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Innovative apps and digital services are your business? Do you develop apps and would you like to have the freedom to write code the way you want? Would you like to not have to worry about infrastructure? Do you want to use the best developer tools for your team? Do you need to build and customize applications quickly to respond to user demands? Is the round-the-clock operation of your production app a headache? Do you want to offload development and not run everything yourself?

If you can answer “yes” to one or more of these questions, then read on now.

Software container & Kubernetes

Companies of all sizes and industries are now embracing application containerization and the Kubernetes container orchestration platform.

Kubernetes is often referred to as the “operating system of the cloud,” and containerization enables software developers to build and deploy apps faster and more securely. Red Hat OpenShift is the enterprise-ready Kubernetes distribution and the leading container platform for developers.

Kubernetes and OpenShift both manage groups of containers called clusters. Each cluster consists of two parts: A control plane and worker nodes. Containers are run in the worker nodes, each of which has its own Linux operating system. The Control Plane is responsible for the general state of the cluster (for example, what apps are running and what container images are being used), while the Worker Nodes do the actual computational work.

Containerization is the packaging of software code into packages that contain all the necessary components such as libraries, frameworks, and other dependencies, isolated in their own container.

Containerization allows applications, along with the necessary software libraries, to be decoupled from the host and its operating system, providing advantages for development, deployment, and hosting.

A container’s application can be moved to any environment and run consistently on any infrastructure, regardless of the infrastructure’s environment or operating system.

Advantages of Red Hat OpenShift

OpenShift automatisiert den gesamten Stack und das Lifecycle-Management und ermöglicht schnellere Deployments von Applikationen und eine höhere Entwicklungs-Produktivität. Das Automatisieren sorgt für ein mehr an Sicherheit, ein massgeschneidertes Cluster-Management und portierbare Anwendungen.

Als vielseitige Container-Plattform ist OpenShift mehr als nur ein Softwareprodukt, dass die Entwicklung von Cloud-Native Anwendungen vereinfacht. Es kann der Schlüssel zur Einführung einer DevOps-Kultur sein – durch Automatisierung routinemässiger Aufgaben und Standardisierung von Umgebungen über den gesamten Lifecycle einer App hinweg.

APPUiO Managed by VSHN

With APPUiO Managed, VSHN’s OpenShift-as-a-Service, software developers have a fast and secure way to containerize and deploy enterprise workloads to Kubernetes clusters. And with VSHN running OpenShift Container Platform 24/7, you finally have the time to focus on your core business.

With APPUiO Managed from VSHN, you as a software developer can fully concentrate on developing your fantastic application. APPUiO Managed enables you to reliably develop, deploy and scale apps.

VSHN is your sparring partner for containers and Kubernetes and your Ops in DevOps.

Watch the APPUiO video:

Benefits for Developers

  • Innovation and reduced time to market
  • Develop and test applications in an efficient manner
  • Acceleration of the development process
  • Container orchestration and container usage provides better visualization
  • Integrated CI/CI pipelines and source-to-image capabilities
  • Self-service allows developers to change relevant settings and test new services at any time
  • Access to additional tools that increase the ability to develop innovative applications and give the app a competitive edge
  • Make your team’s job easier
  • State-of-the-art container platform for developing and running cloud native apps
  • Offload software development and leave 24/7 OpenShift operations to us
  • High levels of automation and self-healing processes reduce downtime in OpenShift
  • Manage upgrades and patches
  • Networking, storage, container registries and cloud services

Supported technologies

Red Hat OpenShift extends to databases, frameworks and tools to help your teams work faster. These include:

  • Knative
  • Istio
  • Prometheus
  • Jenkins
  • Node.js
  • Operators
  • Red Hat AMQ
  • Streams
  • Virtualization

Kubernetes vs OpenShift vs APPUiO

Kubernetes is an open source project. OpenShift, in turn, is a ready-made product based on Kubernetes that brings additional enterprise features.

APPUiO Managed offers you an OpenShift worry-free package including 24/7 operation, maintenance, patching and additional managed services for a fixed monthly price that can be calculated in advance.

APPUiO Managed OpenShift provides highly available, fully managed OpenShift clusters on demand, monitored and operated by VSHN.

APPUiO Managed is OpenShift as a service

Relieve yourself of the tedious and repetitive tasks surrounding 24/7 operations.

With APPUiO Managed, you enable reliable app development, deployment, and scaling in OpenShift and sleep soundly at night.

Why APPUiO Managed by VSHN?

Choose our extensive expertise as a Red Hat partner. With our services, we ensure the operation, support, and monitoring of container platforms like OpenShift, so you can focus on your real work.

Profit from our experienced DevOps Engineers and our extensive know-how on Kubernetes and container orchestration and a cross-industry practical experience in IT operations. This frees you up for your core business and for (further) development of your application.

Who is working with us?



Check out our customers and success stories to learn first-hand if it’s worth working with us and how we help enterprises run OpenShift.

Our services in detail

  • Red Hat partner with outstanding OpenShift expertise.
  • We have been running extensive OpenShift clusters since 2014
  • OpenShift 4 as a service
  • Standard clusters quickly available on or Exoscale
  • 24/7 operations team with OpenShift/Kubernetes experts
  • Monitoring with automatic alerting
  • OpenShift updates & security updates
  • Application operations and additional managed services
  • Defined SLAs and support
  • Calculable monthly costs

Further info

If you’re interested in technical details and more in-depth info on how we’re implementing APPUiO Managed OpenShift 4, see here:


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