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API Management for micro-services and the new stack. The first open source API Management platform designed specifically for the needs of micro-service architectures and optimised for the New Stack. Fast, scalable, and modern, Tyk is transforming the world of API Management by making it available to the thousands of organisations who are now finding they need to manage an API architecture. Tyk makes it easy!

Tyk is trusted as the global API platform for some of the world’s best-known banking, media, retail and healthcare brands. Open source API Gateway, that puts you in control of API Management.

Whether you need to install on-premise, as a cloud service or if you prefer to use a hybrid of both, Tyk is versatile. With Tyk, you gain high availability and low latency, on top of the lowest total cost of ownership.

Andrew Murray, Commercial Director, Tyk (andrew@tyk.io)

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