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The VSHN Application Catalog is a Cloud Native marketplace that offers services from Cloud Service Providers like Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Aiven.io, Exoscale, or cloudscale.ch, as well as managed services from VSHN.

These services can be easily ordered with Kubernetes resources (YAML files) and can thus be tightly integrated into any GitOps or CI/CD workflow. Specifying which services your software needs to run is done with the same mechanisms you use to deploy your application to Kubernetes.

While external cloud services are only available on the respective providers’ infrastructure, VSHN-provided AppCat services are available on any Kubernetes platform, essentially providing on-premises Database-as-a-Service.

By using the VSHN Application Catalog you can focus on using the services, we take care of building and operating them.

Interested to learn more about our cloud-native service management offerings or looking for a service not on the list yet? Please contact us now.

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