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DBaaS by Exoscale offers various managed databases.

Securely host your data and databases in the cloud with our end-to-end encrypted Database as a Service (DBaaS) offering. Start your database in minutes and reduce costly database administration and maintenance requirements.

Managed databases with a wide range of plans to choose from to best fit your needs and requirements. All databases are encrypted at rest and in transit to guarantee end-to-end security for your data. Scale up easily by seamlessly switching between the offered plans.

All database services are launched on dedicated instances.

— Exoscale Website

Getting an Exoscale DBaaS instance is as simple as specifying a Kubernetes object. A few minutes later you get access to a freshly provisioned Exoscale DBaaS instance, with the credentials to access it available in a Kubernetes Secret.

This allows you to specify the need of an Exoscale DBaaS instance directly together with your application deployment.

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