Containerizing and Packaging

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Containerizing and Packaging (Helm Charts) of application with pre-engineered blue-prints and templates which are continuously kept up-to-date, leveraging our experience of containerizing hundreds of applications

For an application to run in a Cloud Native environment it needs to be packaged into a container image and usually made available to install as a Helm Chart. This can be a very complex process – depending on the requirements of the application. Containerizing an application needs to be a very fast process so that it doesn’t slow down other processes like the CI pipeline, it has a lot of room for improvements to make it fast. Helm Charts should be as flexible as needed and have a good quality for proper deployments.

With our expert expertise we engineer containerizing processes and Helm Charts with best-practices, pre-engineered blue-prints and templates which we continuosly keep up-to-date.

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