Continuous Delivery (CD) Engineering

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Continuous delivery process engineering, matching our expertise in delivering application to the cloud leveraging our AppOps platform

After building and testing an application, it needs to be delivered to the hosting environment. This process is called delivery, and with continuous delivery, that process happens continuosly, automated and with clearly defined steps.

Delivery can happen to pre-defined environments like “development”, “staging”, “integration” and “production” or it can even happen to dynamic environments which are automatically created and removed depending on conditions – this heavily depends on the use-case. A good delivery process also helps with concepts like staged rollout or A/B testing and provides a fast feedback on the delivery process.

As with CI pipelines, CD pipelines are software which needs maintenance and kept up-to-date.

With our expert expertise we engineer CD pipelines with best-practices, pre-engineered blue-prints and templates which we continuosly keep up-to-date.

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