Continuous Integration Pipeline (CI) Engineering

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Best-practice CI pipeline engineering, based on pre-engineered blue-prints and templates which are continuously kept up-to-date

Continuous Integration (CI) is the art of building and testing code on every push to a remote Git repository. This can include simple code checks, unit-tests or even full-blown end-to-end tests with all the bells and whistles. How an application has to be built and what needs to be tested heavily depends on the application and is different for each and every use-case.

Such processes are the backbone of application development. CI pipelines should never break, neither because of the pushed code, nor because something is wrong with the pipeline itself, as this can bring the whole application development cycle to a halt. And they should be fast for a continuous feedback to the developer.

In the end, CI pipelines are also application which needs maintenance and kept up-to-date.

With our expert expertise we engineer CI pipelines with best-practices, pre-engineered blue-prints and templates which we continuosly keep up-to-date.

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