DevOps Workshop

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DevOps workshop & situation analysis

Would you like to find out whether there is still room for improvement in your application architecture? You want to get a second opinion from the expert?

Book our DevOps workshop and let’s do an analysis of your application architecture together.


  • half a day (4h) evaluation and analysis of your current status by a VSHNeer (DevOps Engineer)
  • including preparation and follow-up (4h) and definition of actual and target state
  • the DevOps Workshop will take place at VSHN AG, Neugasse 10, 8005 Zurich, Switzerland after finding a suitable date
  • the DevOps Workshop does not oblige you to purchase any other solutions or products from VSHN
  • price: flat fee of CHF 2’000.- (excl. VAT)

Goals of the workshop

  • detailed system overview of your environment and documentation of the current status quo of the DevOps process
  • the “technical vision”: documentation what should be achieved with the platform
  • discussion about the gaps and missing best practices
  • finding a possible solution concept and pointing out improvement potentials

Tech stack

  • programming languages, frameworks
  • databases
  • CI/CD-Tooling
  • container, container orchestration
  • cloud providers and services
  • git workflow


  • application review
    • introduction to the application
      • what is the purpose of the application?
      • what framework / language is used?
      • what components are involved? (Databases, Queues, external APIs, …)
    • demonstration of current setup
      • demonstration of deployment pipeline
      • demonstration of application stack
    • overview of code
    • known issues and problems
  • presentation of standard practices for high availability and scalability
  • discussion
    • suggestion and definition of next steps

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