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The challenges of financial services companies

Banks, insurers, and financial service providers are increasingly confronted with digitalization and cloud technologies. The rapidly changing demands of customers require agility and flexibility to keep pace with change.

To benefit from advancing digitalization, you need trusted, certified partners. VSHN has a successful track record in the FSI environment, helping you minimize costs and risks and enhance the customer experience.

Need modern systems and technology like Kubernetes, OpenShift, and DevSecOps? Need to shorten time-to-market to keep up with the competition while staying compliant? Increase your efficiency through automation and optimization with the help of VSHN.

The VSHN solution

Improve your customer experience and reduce your costs. VSHN takes care of your application operations in the cloud or on-premises, so you can focus on software and business development.

VSHN helps financial services companies efficiently implement DevOps so development and operations teams can pull together. Give your teams powerful technologies to develop, host, scale, and deploy container-based cloud-native applications with enterprise orchestration and pipeline management.

VSHN helps you containerize your software and run your Kubernetes clusters, both with Red Hat OpenShift and SUSE Rancher with our product APPUiO.

With the VSHN AppCatalog and additional Managed Services like GitLab, NGINX, managed databases, and managed backends, we are your 24/7 operations partner.

The world is changing fast – take advantage of the digital transformation today.

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Success Story Finnova

Finnova Success Story

Learn how Finnova, leading Swiss provider of banking software and services with around 450 technical specialists, uses VSHN’s APPUiO Managed OpenShift Container Platform and benefits from our know-how.

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