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Every 6s a patient dies due to inefficient communication among healthcare providers. Komed Health is dedicated to transforming healthcare communication to help doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers to deliver the best in class patient care, and ultimately save lives.

Komed Health has chosen VSHN to run their application.

Marc Bornträger

VP of Engineering & Founder of Komed Health AG (SA)

Hello Marc, can you briefly explain what you do at Komed Health?

Komed Health is a secure and powerful real-time communication platform (such as “WhatsApp”) that was developed specifically for hospitals. Our platform facilitates communication and cooperation between the interdisciplinary nursing teams of a health care institution. Komed Health can be integrated into existing infrastructures. With Komed Health’s platform, healthcare providers become significantly more productive, patient satisfaction is significantly increased and existing infrastructures can be used more efficiently.

What is your role at Komed Health?

In my role as VP of Engineering & Founder I lead the development team. One of my main tasks is to ensure the smooth operation of our application.

What challenges did you face with your application and infrastructure before we started working together?

The biggest challenge was to find a non-American partner for the professional management of a Kubernetes cluster. In the healthcare industry, there is a general lack of trust in the “big tech companies” to manage patient data. Therefore we had to look for another solution. But at the same time we wanted to remain agile & scalable.

How did you hear about VSHN and why did you choose APPUiO as your container platform?

Through a partner project at the Inselspital with Puzzle ITC we heard about APPUiO and VSHN. APPUiO was the only provider who could meet both our security as well as flexibility requirements for a modern DevOps environment.

What have we achieved together and how do we currently support you?

Together we have built a scalable Kubernetes cluster that meets our security requirements. VSHN supports us with their extensive Kubernetes know-how to implement best practices and to ensure the operation of our application.

What works well at/with VSHN?

Everything technical works perfectly at VSHN. You can see that the company is technology driven and has a lot of know-how on various technical topics, especially Kubernetes. The support is extremely good at VSHN. It’s really fun to work with your friendly specialists to find a solution to a problem together!

Where can we improve?

Besides the technical topics, I see potential for improvement here and there, for example in the pricing clarity of APPUiO or in project management.

Why or for what would you recommend us?

I would recommend VSHN especially for the professional Kubernetes cluster operation and generally as technical consultants.

Thanks for the interview and your feedback, Marc. We appreciate it very much that Komed Health is among our trusted partners and of course we want to improve ourselves in the above mentioned points in the future. Our project management, for example, will be further strengthened in the future.

The interview was conducted by Markus Speth, CMO VSHN – The DevOps Company.

About Komed Health

Komed Health is dedicated to transforming healthcare communication to help doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers to deliver the best in class patient care, and ultimately save lives. Komed Health is providing a secure and powerful real-time communication platform, purpose-built for hospitals in order to dramatically facilitate communication and collaboration in care teams. Komed Health can be integrated into existing infrastructure enabling integrated care pathways.

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