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Easily handle digital signature processes with Skribble: legally binding in accordance with Swiss & EU law. For the operation of their e-signing platform, Skribble has chosen VSHN as DevOps & operations partner.

Roni Oeschger

CTO & co-founder of Skribble

Hello Roni, can you briefly explain what Skribble does?

Skribble allows companies to digitally sign their documents on the go – legally binding under EU and Swiss law. As a one-stop shop for electronic signing, we supply the legally suitable electronic signature for every type of contract and every jurisdiction. Companies can therefore use us for any use case – from quotations to rental or purchase agreements to documents with legal formalities such as official entries or audit reports.

The basis is formed by legally regulated e-signature standards, including the qualified electronic signature (QES) – the only form of electronic signature that is legally equivalent to the handwritten signature.

However, we do not only focus on security, but also on simplicity. Acting in accordance with the law should not result in additional effort for companies. Accordingly, a signature with Skribble is made within seconds, from any device and no matter where in the world you are.

What is your role at Skribble?

I am the CTO and co-founder. In this role I coordinate and connect the technical activities at Skribble and act as a bridge between technology and business. I’m also responsible for decisions on the technical architecture – which systems we choose, how we connect them, which technologies we rely on. As a co-founder, I am also heavily involved in the overall strategy of the company.

What challenges did you face with your application and infrastructure?

Our application is in a highly sensitive area that requires enormous trust. Companies sign their contracts with us – documents which can contain highly sensitive content, from company secrets to non-public cooperations. Accordingly, we place the highest demands on the quality and security of Skribble. And since we operate in a highly regulated area, we are faced with regulatory challenges in addition to the purely technical ones.

At the same time, electronic signing with Skribble is simple and fits seamlessly into our customers’ processes. We put a lot of energy into combining these often orthogonal orientations – simplicity and security.

In terms of infrastructure, scalability is particularly important. The electronic signature is replacing the handwritten signatures with increasing speed. Skribble is geared for strong growth – our infrastructure must be able to keep up with rapid growth.

How did you hear about VSHN and why did you choose APPUiO as your container platform?

To us it was clear that we needed a container platform for Skribble because of the ease of development and scalability. We were against a public cloud provider and in favor of a local provider in Switzerland that we know and trust. Our experience with VSHN has been very good in previous projects and you meet all the criteria mentioned above. Accordingly, our decision was clear.

What have we achieved together and how do we currently support you?

We can concentrate on the development of Skribble – our core competence – and leave the technical infrastructure issues to you. After all, we didn’t want to build our office ourselves, either.

Now that we’re growing strongly and more and more people are signing with Skribble, you can scale with us. Moreover, the significant increase in users that Corona brought us has gone off without a hitch.

What works well and where can we improve?

Your service is extremely good and you are very proactive. For example, if our storage space is slowly filling up, you approach us to inform us by offering an extension. We respond, you initiate the extension. It works great – but it would be even better if the process was automated or we could make such trivial adjustments ourselves. That would reduce the overhead on both sides and thus also the costs. A minimum of self-service would also be an advantage with managed systems.

Why or for what would you recommend us?

I would recommend you to companies that are looking for a reliable and competent infrastructure partner that comes with the added benefit of operating in Switzerland. This is particularly exciting for companies that want to concentrate on their core competence and who, like us, operate in a high-trust environment.

Thank you very much, Roni. We are very happy to be working with Skribble and wish you continued success on your way to digitalize signatures!

The interview was carried out by Markus Speth, CMO of VSHN.

About Skribble

The TrustTech company Skribble, founded in March 2018, is a Swiss provider of electronic signatures with offices in Zurich (CH) and Karlsruhe (DE). As a one-stop shop for electronic signing, Skribble provides the legally suitable electronic signature for every type of contract. The basis is formed by legally regulated standards, including the qualified electronic signature (QES) – the only form of electronic signature that is legally equivalent to a handwritten signature. The state-recognised certification technology for QES is provided by Swisscom. Skribble has 19 employees. Further information is available at

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