DevOps Workshop with VSHN & SUSE Rancher

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In collaboration with SUSE we are offering a customized DevOps Workshop.

DevOps workshop & situation analysis

Would you like to find out whether there is still room for improvement in your application architecture? You want to get a second opinion from the expert? You don’t know yet how and where to run your new application? You need a sandbox to kickstart your application?

Book our DevOps workshop and let’s do an analysis of your application architecture together.


  • Half a day (4h) evaluation and analysis of your current status by a VSHNeer (DevOps Engineer)
  • Including preparation and follow-up (4h) and definition of actual and target state
  • The DevOps Workshop will take place remote via Zoom after finding a suitable date
  • The DevOps Workshop does not oblige you to purchase any other solutions or products from VSHN
  • Price: flat fee of CHF 2’000.- (excl. VAT)

Goals of the workshop

  • Detailed system overview of your environment and documentation of the current status quo of the DevOps process
  • The “technical vision”: documentation what should be achieved with the platform
  • Discussion about the gaps and missing best practices
  • Finding a possible solution concept and pointing out improvement potentials


The workshop is conceived around only DevOps-related services offered by SUSE, specifically those in this list:

  • RKE
  • SUSE Rancher

Please note that this workshop provides limited guidance and support on SUSE products not specifically listed above.

Building upon the aforementioned SUSE products, the workshop delves into:

  • Infrastructure as code with Terraform.
  • Integration with GitLab.
  • Application containerization.
  • Kubernetes configuration management.
  • Programming languages, frameworks.
  • Databases.
  • CI/CD-Tooling.
  • Container, container orchestration.
  • Git workflow.


  • Application review:
    • Introduction:
      • What is the purpose of the application?
      • What framework / language is used?
      • What components are involved? (Databases, Queues, external APIs, …)
    • Demonstration of current setup:
      • Demonstration of deployment pipeline.
      • Demonstration of application stack.
    • Overview of code.
    • Known issues and problems.
  • Presentation of standard practices for high availability and scalability.
  • Discussion: suggestions and definition of next steps.

VSHN is an official SUSE Partner

We are very excited to announce that VSHN is an official SUSE partner. Our combined expertise and SUSE award-winning and innovative technology creates the ideal opportunity to join you on your DevOps Journey.

Contact us today and book your DevOps workshop!

We look forward to hearing from you, get in touch with us to learn more about SUSE Rancher at VSHN and our DevOps Workshop and how we can help you.

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