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SOBRADO is a SaaS-based tendering platform for insurances and insurance brokers. By automating the tendering and comparison process, it facilitates the work of insurance brokers by up to 90%: sending tenders to all insurers, completing the application and compliance process, creating quote comparisons at the touch of a button and fully automated document management. Due to the sensitive nature of the data, a highly available and certified secure hosting environment is indispensable.

Very high availability, integrity and confidentiality are mission critical for our application. We have long been looking for a partner who not only offers webhosting, but also cares about the comprehensive safe operation of our software. In addition to the excellent technical qualifications of the VSHN team, the safety of the identifiable persons, the clear responsibilities, the ISO-certified operation in Switzerland and the technical security measures (firewall, WAF, VPN, etc.) were also decisive for us. We are accountable to our customers, so changes to the system are always tracked to ensure traceability is always secure. The communication channels are short and VSHN proactively approaches us when they see potential for improvement. VSHN is the ideal partner for us.

Thomas Rietmann, COO, SOBRADO Software AG

We develop agile software in the security area. That’s why we depend on an operating partner at eye level who can help us with this. The DevOps Engineers at VSHN can tell us what works and what does not because of their years of experience in the field. By automating the business processes, we are able to meet the high security requirements through traceability and avoiding manual errors by testing the processes on test systems. As a byproduct, each of my developers has got a constantly updated development environment based on the productive systems. This eliminates compatibility issues and allows you to focus on programming. We have automated the roll-out of a new version of the software with VSHN as much as possible, which allows us to make smaller updates more often, thus minimizing the risk of an update problem. I have come to know and appreciate VSHN as a solution-oriented, reliable partner without blaming each other. 

Silvan Mühlemann, CTO, SOBRADO Software AG

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