Webinar: How Taurus runs a Digital Asset Platform on CockroachDB and APPUiO

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Secure, holistic, and battle-tested: Taurus is one of the first regulated digital asset marketplaces running on CockroachDB and the APPUiO Container Platform.

In this webinar, Patrick Schulz, Sales Engineer at Cockroach Labs, and Sébastien Pasche, VP of Engineering at Taurus will explain how CockroachDB helps companies scale their services to unprecedented levels. The presentation will include „war stories“ and real-world anecdotes about how CockroachDB helped build the Swiss leader in digital asset management.


This webinar is targeted to technical audiences: software developers and architects, Cloud Native specialists, CTOs, and engineering managers.

Date and Time

  • Wednesday, November 2nd, 2022
  • 13:00 British Standard Time / 14:00 Central Europe Time


  • Patrick Schulz, Sales Engineer, Cockroach Labs
  • Sébastien Pasche, VP Engineering, Taurus Group SA

Patrick Schulz is an IT professional with over 15 years of experience in private and public cloud technologies. He has worked with numerous Enterprises on cloud projects, building public and private cloud environments, and helping customers to ramp up and secure their multi-cloud adoption using modern DevOps tooling around infrastructure as code and secrets management. As a cloud evangelist, Patrick now enables customers to modernize their database infrastructure using cloud-native, distributed SQL technologies.

Sébastien Pasche is the VP Engineering of Taurus Group S.A. and a Cyber Security Expert with hands-on experience on complex digital migration, distributed cloud architecture and large-scale deployment of hybrid infrastructure. Sébastien offered his service as a freelance security architect dedicated to improving legacy software including life-dependant software and digitalisation/DevOps issues. Trustworthy and transparent, Sébastien has dedicated most of his professional career to open-source, new-technology and mindset change surrounding operations, security and cloud solution design. Sébastien has spoken at multiple open-sources, Security, DevOps conferences and has been a lecturer for Swiss University on Security fields multiple times. Passionate about contemporary art, Sébastien is also a fervent traveler deeply interested in cultural diversity and politics.

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