Webinar The Rancher Advantage

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  • Managing multiple Kubernetes clusters (on-premises, different clouds, different distributions)
  • Managing user authentication and authorization on many Kubernetes clusters (LDAP/ActiveDirectory)
  • Self-service Web-GUI to manage clusters and install helm charts
  • Add existing Kubernetes clusters, no need to re-install
  • Fully open-source tool, not freemium, enterprise support available, can also be removed without impacting
  • Demo managing clusters locally and in the cloud

This introductory webinar will be particularly useful to CTOs, IT managers, and software developers looking for a reliable, manageable, and powerful application platform.

About SUSE Rancher

Rancher is the complete enterprise computing platform for running Kubernetes clusters on-premise, in the cloud or at the edge. 100% open source software with zero lock-in, Rancher fits perfectly with your multi-cluster, hybrid or multi cloud container orchestration strategy. Rancher has been acquired by SUSE and now forms part of the SUSE portfolio, while keeping to its open source software roots.

Watch the on-demand webinar:

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