Corporate IT Administrator

3. Jun 2021

Your new role

We help our customers with DevOps tooling, methodologies, and taking over operational responsibility with managed services so they can focus on their core business and not worry about operating their online business. We too want to focus on our core business, yet we ourselves need services and applications that go beyond DevOps to communicate and work effectively internally and with our customers, as well as implement and evolve the necessary processes of a modern enterprise.

As Corporate IT Adminstrator, you are responsible for requirements engineering, planning, implementation, and hands-on operating these applications. You’re the central point of contact for support and problems. In doing so, you will implement projects yourself, take over the setup and administration of cloud services or manage the collaboration with partners.

Specifically, this means:

  • Evaluate, plan and coordinate the implementation of new tooling according to our Corporate Service Strategy, which means that:
    • We use what we provide to our customers, as internal customers of our own products.
    • We use SaaS offerings, for things that are not our own business.
    • We outsource support to partners or the SaaS provider.
  • You’re responsible for the overall company IT strategy of VSHN with our teams and employees as stakeholders and decision-makers.
  • Administration, automation, and customizing of the used applications and SaaS tools.
  • The central point of contact for questions, requirements, support, and problems.
  • Owner of internal IT budget in coordination with Management.

This job is for you if

  • you look forward to supporting us with your know-how you have gained over some years in a similar position, mainly in areas of:
    • IT service tooling for project management, issue tracking, and customer support, for example, Atlassian Jira.
    • modern business tooling and SaaS offerings for collaboration, documentation, ERP, CRM, video conferences, chat, e-mail, calendar, etc. for example Atlassian Tools, Odoo, HubSpot, Zoom, Rocket.Chat / Slack, Google E-Mail, etc.
    • identity management and central authentication, for example, Keycloak, LDAP, etc.
    • running applications on Linux.
  • you are willing to learn and grow and are curious about the latest IT technologies and have a sensitivity for IT security.
  • you are able to manage conflicting demands with different stakeholders and like to address different situations in an agile way.
  • you have excellent communication skills in English and German.
  • you have an enthusiastic and open manner and find your personal values and beliefs represented in our Handbook.

About Us

VSHN exists to help software development teams to not have to worry about the operations of their online business. We strive to be the Ops in our customers DevOps: supporting them with the generic tooling, processes and experience to enable their development teams to take the end-to-end responsibility for their product.

Company culture

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What we offer

Please note we don’t work with recruitment agencies and we’re looking for people with permission to work in Switzerland (Swiss/EU citizen or Swiss resident/work visa holder).

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Marco Fretz

Marco ist einer der General Manager von VSHN und Chief Operating Officer.

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