Open Clouds for Research Environments OCRE

VSHN has been contracted to supply the European Research and Academic communities with cloud computing services. This includes Exoscale infrastructure services (IaaS: compute, storage, networking), VSHN container platform services (CaaS/PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS).

Countries VSHN was awarded contract for compute regions

Exoscale – the European cloud provider: originally from Switzerland and now part of the A1 Telekom Austria Group.

Services available

Security & compliance

Pricing & Ordering

  • No minimum ordering quantity, turnover, or contract length – most services billed by the hour
  • 10% discount (less NREN cost recovery if applicable) on computing services
    • Free traffic from & to GEANT
  • Additional Discount Commitment (ADC) for 12-month-pre-committed turnover: 3k-10k: 5%, 10-25k: 10%, 25-100k: 15%, >100k: 20% 
  • Invoicing in EUR or CHF, monthly post-paid, 10 days net
  • Underwriter organization: signs contract, gets “admin account” 
    • creates projects for sub-organizations that will be separated on the invoice, assigns users, can set soft (“alerts”) and hard (“budget”) financial limits on projects
    • users have full self-service using web-portal and API (Ansible, Terraform, “exo” CLI)
  • Integration with eduGAIN for user management federation underway



Interested to use Exoscale or VSHN services in a research institution? Contact us below for more information and a trial voucher: