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VSHN Acquires APPUiO from Puzzle and Develops It Further as an Expert Hosting Solution

10. Jul 2024

Zurich/Bern, July 10, 2024

The History of APPUiO

In 2016, VSHN and Puzzle ITC jointly founded APPUiO. Marketed as APPUiO – Swiss Container Platform, the project has grown steadily over the years.

Puzzle and VSHN invested heavily in the brand, products, services, and joint marketing presence. Many success stories were written, and numerous satisfied clients, such as Adcubum, Die Post, and Mobiliar, were gained. We are very grateful for this success and thank everyone who shares our vision of the power of collaboration.

Change and Clarity for Customers

The APPUiO offering has significantly evolved over the years, sometimes leading to confusion.

Previously, APPUiO was divided into APPUiO Cloud and APPUiO Managed (both offered by VSHN) and APPUiO Self-Managed (offered by Puzzle). Both VSHN with their managed services business and Puzzle with their service business aim to further strengthen their areas of expertise and optimize their offerings in the future.

To provide clarity, VSHN has acquired the brand rights for APPUiO from Puzzle. In the future, the APPUiO brand will only encompass the existing APPUiO Cloud product.

What Does This Mean for You?

For you, nothing essential changes. All products and services remain unchanged, and your customer relationships with Puzzle or VSHN will stay the same.

Focusing on One Solution

In the future, APPUiO will exclusively be the APPUiO Cloud product, which will be renamed to APPUiO.

  • APPUiO (formerly APPUiO Cloud) is our Kubernetes Namespace-as-a-Service offering, based on Red Hat OpenShift, designed to be expert hosting for experienced software engineers. APPUiO provides instant access to a fully managed, ready-to-use Red Hat OpenShift cluster within minutes. Focus on your application instead of setting up or managing your cluster, and bring your ideas to production effortlessly. APPUiO offers the following features:
    • Ready to Use: Get your own OpenShift namespace within minutes.
    • Pay per Use: Only pay for the resources you use. See our price model.
    • Multi-Cloud: Available in various availability zones, such as Cloudscale and Exoscale.
    • Swissness: Available in Swiss data centers, also ISO27001 certified and operated according to FINMA regulations.
    • Security: Benefit from SELinux, Isovalent Enterprise for Cilium, two-factor authentication, Let’s Encrypt, and regular security updates.
  • APPUiO Managed will be renamed to VSHN Managed OpenShift. VSHN Managed OpenShift offers private, dedicated Kubernetes clusters on various clouds and on-premises. VSHN provides and maintains the OpenShift cluster throughout its lifecycle and ensures that VSHN-provided tools are available to platform users. VSHN Managed OpenShift clusters offer a production-ready Kubernetes environment for users’ applications.
  • APPUiO Self-Managed: Puzzle will continue to offer all previous self-managed services under the Puzzle brand. If you want to build your own container platform but lack the necessary know-how or capacity, Puzzle can help. Puzzle supports you in planning, building, and operating your container platform. Additionally, they train your developers on how to best use it.

Stronger Partnership and Future Plans

Puzzle and VSHN have agreed to use this initiative to optimize both companies’ product and service portfolios and to intensify their partnership. Puzzle will continue to offer APPUiO to its customers when software development experts need expert hosting.

This change allows both companies to better utilize their strengths and continue to be successful together in the future.

We will continue to drive initiatives together to show the world what is possible with Kubernetes and Cloud Native! One of our upcoming joint efforts will be the Cloud Native Computing Meetup on 22 August 2024, at the Puzzle & Isovalent offices in Zurich. We would be very happy to welcome you there. Come by!

If you have any questions or need more information, we look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,

the APPUiO team

PS: have a look at our new APPUiO website.

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Markus Speth

Marketing, People, Strategy

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