VSHN announces Kubernetes First strategy

Zurich, Switzerland, May 3rd 2021. VSHN – The DevOps Company announces Kubernetes First strategy. While KubeCon & CloudNativeCon Europe 2021 […]

The New Commodore Components Hub

We’re very happy to announce a new member of the Project Syn family: the new Commodore Components Hub. This is the new central point of reference and information for all Commodore components available in GitHub.

About Our ISO 27001 Certification And ISAE 3402 Type 1 Report

One of our core value propositions consists in making sure that our infrastructure responds to the highest levels of security, confidentiality, and availability. It is with this goal in mind that we passed our first ISO 27001 certification in 2017, and this year we added an ISAE 3402 audit, initially requested by one of our customers in the financial sector.

Bewertung der Auswirkungen neuer Docker-Pull-Rate-Limits in APPUiO

Docker Inc., das Unternehmen, welches hinter Docker Hub steht, hat vor kurzem eine Beschränkungen der Image-Pull-Rate für Benutzer von Docker Hub angekündigt. Diese Änderung betrifft alle Cloud Native Installationen, die so konfiguriert sind, dass sie Container Images verbrauchen, welche in Docker Hub gespeichert sind, einer der populärsten Container Registries. Diese Massnahme hat direkte Auswirkungen auf den Einsatz vieler Kundenanwendungen, die derzeit auf APPUiO Public und privaten Clustern laufen.

How to migrate OpenShift 3 to OpenShift 4

Migrating OpenShift Container Platform (OCP) 3 to 4: learn about possible migration paths and why you should make the move to the new version of OpenShift. Recap: what is OpenShift? Red Hat OpenShift is a hybrid cloud, enterprise Kubernetes application platform for developers and business applications.

Second Beta Release of Project Syn Tools

Without further ado, we’re announcing the release 0.2 of the Project Syn tools. Since the first public release mid-March this year (read more about it in First Pre-Release of Project Syn Tools) we used the tools on a daily basis, in particular for the development of our new product „VSHN Syn Support“. And of course we have incorporated all of that experience in the source code. The main features are now in place, and are getting better and better on a daily basis.

Tutorial: Backing up Kubernetes Clusters with K8up

One of the most common questions we got from companies moving to Kubernetes has always had to do with backups: how can we ensure that the information in our pods and services can be quickly and safely restored in case of problems? This situation is so common that we VSHN decided to tackle it with our own Kubernetes operator for backups, which we called K8up.

Unser Weg zu Managed OpenShift 4

Red Hat OpenShift 4: Diesen Sommer hat Red Hat eine neue Major Version von OpenShift, die Version 4, veröffentlicht. Auf den ersten Blick handelt es sich um eine stetige Weiterentwicklung von OpenShift 3 mit relativ überschaubaren Änderungen für den Anwender. Schaut man jedoch unter die Haube, dann erkennt man schnell ein vollständig überarbeitetes OpenShift.

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