Our first podcast (in German)

20. Oct 2020

Swiss Digital Apéro Podcast

Aarno and Markus were invited to participate in the Swiss Digital Apéro Podcast and were interviewed by Philipp Meier of Red Hat on the topic of managed services. Under the headline “Why does VSHN rely on Red Hat in the Managed Service area” we were allowed to participate in our very first podcast and tell something about the history of VSHN and our cooperation with Red Hat.
Many thanks to Red Hat and Tech Data for letting us participate in the podcast.
Enjoy listening and let us know what you think of our first podcast attempt. 🙂

Listen to the Podcast (in German)

Aarno Aukia has founded the company VSHN more than 6 years ago, since now about 2 years Markus Speth accompanies him as CMO. The two “VSHNeers” are active in the areas of strategy, product development as well as sales & marketing and therefore responsible for the direction and growth of VSHN. The idea and motivation to stir up the Swiss hosting market with Red Hat as Managed Service Partner was put into action with the brand APPUiO – Swiss Container Platform. Today, a large number of companies already trust in this powerful cooperation and VSHN ensures the operation of various business critical applications, independent of industry, from fintech to software developers to public authorities.
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About VSHN – The DevOps Company

VSHN was founded with the intention to fundamentally shake up the hosting market. As a lean startup, we focused on the operation of IT platforms through automation, agility and a continuous improvement process. Completely independent of location and without our own hardware, we operate extensive applications according to the DevOps principle agile and 24/7 on any infrastructure, so that software developers can concentrate on their business and IT operations are relieved. VSHN (pronounced like “vision”) is the leading Swiss partner for DevOps, Docker, Kubernetes, OpenShift, Rancher & 24/7 Cloud Operations. Learn more on

About APPUiO – Swiss Container Platform

APPUiO is the largest Swiss container platform for the design, development and operation of applications. Based on proven Open Source concepts such as Docker and Kubernetes, APPUiO enables DevOps: through automation and self-service, development, deployment and operational processes are accelerated and the collaboration between software developers and business organization is improved. APPUiO is a joint brand of VSHN und Puzzle ITC. Learn more on

Markus Speth

Markus is VSHN's CEO and one of the General Managers.

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