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Past Events

  • 27 Jun
    Swiss PGDay 2024

    This conference is all about PostgreSQL – the world’s most advanced open source database. Take the opportunity to meet with other people interested in PostgreSQL in Switzerland at the OST university in Rapperswil.

  • 27 Jun
    GitLab 17 virtual launch event

    Discover the future of AI in development
    We invite you to join us, on June 27, for a special virtual event on the future of AI in soware development from our partner GitLab.
    During the annual GitLab 17 release event, youʼll see:
    ● How your teams can use AI across the SDLC — from
    identifying and fixing vulnerabilities to
    troubleshooting CI/CD pipelines.
    ● Demos of whatʼs new in GitLab 17 to help you
    shorten cycle times, fix security flaws, streamline
    communication, and measure impact.
    ● Insights from leaders on the future of AI,
    DevSecOps, and more.

  • 19 Jun
    Aspectra cloud-native Breakfast: Zukunftssicher durch Cloud Native

    DevOps, Container, Kubernetes und OpenShift sind Begriffe, die in der heutigen technologischen Landschaft weit verbreitet sind. Doch welche Herausforderungen bringen sie mit sich, und wie lassen sich diese effektiv bewältigen?
    In diesem Kontext erläutern wir, welche Aspekte Projektverantwortliche berücksichtigen sollten, um eine erfolgreiche Implementierung ihres Projekts in Container-Umgebungen zu gewährleisten. Aarno Aukia von VSHN – The DevOps Company – und Norbert Benz von aspectra bieten Einblicke in die Vorteile, die sich für Unternehmen ergeben, und präsentieren eine umfassende “Checkliste” für Entwickler, um den Anforderungen gerecht zu werden.
    Anschliessend Führung durch das Rechenzentrum von Aspectra.

  • 13 Jun
    Kubernetes Community Days Zürich 2024

    Experience the power of community at the Kubernetes Community Days in Zürich! When a diverse group of experts comes together to learn, network, and share knowledge on all things cloud native.

  • 05 Jun
    KCD Zürich Rejekts 2024

    With over 90 people on the waiting list and a remarkable 110 talk submissions for KCD Zürich, your enthusiasm has left us speechless.

    We’re excited to announce a special addition to our schedule: KCD Zürich Rejects, to give more community members the opportunity to share their insights and connect. We are excited to feature the top 6 speakers who didn’t make the cut for the main event, ensuring their valuable talks are heard.

  • 30 May
    Knowledge Graph Forum 2024 Basel

    The Knowledge Graph Forum serves as a platform where companies are invited to share their ongoing work and use cases with Knowledge Graphs. Our goal is to encourage learning and sharing of valuable insights from their projects.

  • 23 May
    Cloud Native Computing Meetup | May 2024

    Let’s meet at the May 2024 CNC meetup on Thursday, May 23rd, 2024 at 16:00 CEST.

  • 17 May
    Uphill Conf 2024 Bern

    Uphill Conf is back with a new topic: We will explore the profound and lasting impact of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning on software engineering. Specifically tailored for software developers, our next edition places a strong emphasis on real-world, practical applications.

  • 18 Apr
    DotNetDays Romania

    .NET, Cloud & Software Architecture conference in Romania.

  • 16 Apr
    DevOpsDays Zurich

    Alte Kaserne Winterthur, Technikumstrasse 8, 8400 Winterthur, Switzerland. DevOpsDays is coming to Zurich!

  • 19 Mar
    KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe 2024

    The Cloud Native Computing Foundation’s flagship conference gathers adopters and technologists from leading open source and cloud native communities in Paris, France from 19-22 March, 2024.

  • 22 Feb
    Cloud Native Computing Meetup | February 2024

    Let’s meet at our February 2024 CNC meetup on Thursday, February 22nd, 2024 at 16:00 CEST.

  • 31 Jan
    How to Keep Container Operations Steady and Cost-Effective in 2024

    Join us for an event that will equip you with the knowledge and tools needed to navigate container operations effectively while keeping costs in check.

  • 17 Jan
    Red Hat Summit: Connect Zurich

    With technology constantly evolving, it’s on all of us to know what’s happening now and help shape what’s coming next. Red Hat Summit: Connect brings you to the forefront of that evolution, so you can turn knowledge into innovation.

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