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acrevis Bank AG, a leading regional bank between Lake Constance and Lake Zurich, has decided to partner with VSHN after an intensive evaluation and detailing phase. Together with Puzzle ITC, the technology platform Lagoon based on APPUiO was developed for the areas of implementation, realisation and operation which enables acrevis a two speed IT platform.

The modern and OpenShift based platform will provide acrevis with a future-oriented foundation for further digitisation initiatives and combine security, stability and flexibility. It also enables acrevis to react quickly, easily and efficiently to customer requests and new market requirements and to integrate them into the existing system landscape. Thanks to the scalability of the new technology platform, future digitisation projects can be realised faster, easier and more cost-efficient. It also distinguishes the regional bank as an active player in the ongoing digitization of the financial sector.

By using APPUiO and by containerizing the application, the deployment of acrevis was standardized. Due to the DevOps approach and the high degree of automation acrevis is now much faster on the market and can roll out new products and features for its customers. For acrevis it is clear: with VSHN, a competent partner was found who guarantees the operation of a secure and stable infrastructure.

Christian Gentsch

Member of the Executive Board acrevis Bank AG and CEO Finanz-Logistik AG

Hello Christian, can you briefly explain what you do at acrevis Bank and Finanz-Logistik?

Acrevis Bank is an independent bank with a broad shareholder base and operates between Lake Constance and Lake Zurich. It has 8.4 billion assets under management, total assets of CHF 4.5 billion and 146 full-time positions. Finanz-Logistik is a BPO provider for banks with offers in the areas of digitalisation, payment transactions, securities processing, accounting and credit processing. Finanz-Logistik has 75 employees and serves 35 finnova banks.

What is your role at acrevis and Finanz-Logistik?

I am the managing director of Finanz-Logistik and responsible for the logistics area at the level of the management of acrevis Bank. In this role I am also allowed to be directly part of the digitalisation developments of acrevis Bank.

What challenges did you face with your application and infrastructure before we started working together?

Acrevis pursues an offensive digital strategy which should react quickly, simply and uncomplicatedly to customer and market requirements as well as enable internal process optimisation. With the existing infrastructure, it was practically impossible to achieve these goals. For this reason acrevis decided to build a technology platform which could cover our requirements and which helped to combine the new, agile with the proven, stable IT world. We deliberately chose new technologies that offer us and our suppliers a lot of freedom.

How did you hear about VSHN and why did you choose APPUiO as your container platform?

We became aware of VSHN through one of our suppliers who has already realized several projects with you. Because it was new territory for us as a bank, we started with a small test project and looked how the cooperation with you would work out. Thanks to this test project, we got to know you as an innovative and very flexible team, which meets the latest standards of technology and lives it with heart and soul. Thanks to your advice, we got to know and appreciate your partner company Puzzle ITC, which created a digitalization platform for us based on APPUiO. For us the APPUiO container platform is a perfect solution, especially from the cost / benefit point of view.

What have we achieved together and how do we currently support you?

VSHN has supported us actively with know-how and experience in the development of our acrevis technology platform. Today, VSHN ensures the operation of our platform and can react quickly to problems and challenges thanks to the use of the latest technologies and automated processes.

What works well and where can we improve?

The cooperation with VSHN is very uncomplicated and efficient. There are no problems worth mentioning, only challenges that can be mastered anew every day.

Why or for what would you recommend us?

VSHN thinks solution-oriented and looks for the best for the customer. VSHN is very fast and efficient in implementing solutions and we are contacted at an early stage if any problems arise. This helps us in planning with other suppliers.

Thank you very much, Christian. We are very pleased to support acrevis in their pursuit of an offensive digital strategy and look forward to a further successful cooperation.

The interview was conducted by Markus Speth, CMO VSHN – The DevOps Company.

About acrevis Bank AG

acrevis Bank AG, a leading regional bank between Lake Constance and Lake Zurich, is positioning itself by systematically covering the market area and offering segment-specific services. Its core competencies lie in the financing of private real estate, investment advice, asset management and commercial business with SMEs, trade and industry and the self-employed.

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