Finn Schunk: Intro day at VSHN

1. Apr 2019

My trial day VSHN

I once wanted to learn real programming, so I wrote a mail to Aarno Aukia and asked if I could come by for a trial day. He wrote me back very quickly and we made an appointment. I received more detailed information on the phone from my accompanying person Peter Bittner. He explained the program to me and made me a computer ready.
When I arrived I was warmly welcomed to the company. Peter showed me my workplace and I could start immediately. He showed me how to make a computer in a computer (“virtual machine”). In the lunch break Dimitri bought pizza and I was invited. After lunch we went back to work and I programmed a little game.
When I got to know HTML, I was a bit surprised how complicated programming can be. But also positively enthusiastic, because I knew that my future work will be very varied, unfortunately the day was already finished and I had to go home.
Many thanks to the VSHNeers!


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