VSHN.timer #139: What’s New in GitLab 15

23. May 2022

Welcome to another VSHN.timer! Every Monday, 5 links related to Kubernetes, OpenShift, CI / CD, and DevOps; all stuff coming out of our own chat system, making us think, laugh, or simply work better.

This week we’re going to talk about the latest GitLab version, how to get good at Git, and how to lose GitHub stars.

1. GitLab 15.0 is available and has effectively removed quite a few features marked as deprecated in the latest releases. Check out the official announcement blog post with all the information required before you install it!


2. Git is the bread and butter of our DevOps world. And using Git effectively is, indeed, a must have skill for all of us. Here’s a good tutorial going through everything you need to know to get good at Git.

3. GitHub stars are a very important social media metric for projects, used to gauge their popularity and their impact in the community. But did you know that setting a project to private removes all stars, forever? The HTTPie project team discovered this the hard way.


4. The first VSHN.timer tool of the week is forgit, a TUI tool built on top of fzf to use Git more efficiently in your favorite terminal.


5. The second VSHN.timer tool of the week is ghorg, a tool to quickly clone an entire organization (or user’s) repositories into one directory, supporting GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, and more.


How good are your Git skills? Do you Git through a GUI or on the terminal? Would you like to share some Git tips and tricks with the community? Get in touch with us, and see you next week for another edition of VSHN.timer.

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Adrian Kosmaczewski

Adrian Kosmaczewski is in charge of Developer Relations at VSHN. He is a software developer since 1996, a trainer, and a published author. Adrian holds a Master in Information Technology from the University of Liverpool.

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